CRISC resource guide

With ISACA announcing 1,000 CRISC certifications awarded under grandfathering provisions, CRISC is - whether you like it or not - something information risk professionals should consider.To help you, we've filtered through the blog-spam, sales pitches, and ill-informed opinion and pulled together some of the top resources from around the web - your one-stop resource guide for CRISC certification.

What is CRISC?

In ten words or less, its a professional certification for specialists in information systems risk and control.

A full explanation is available on ISACA's web site here - or read Riskmonkey's more readable but less authoritative summary (linked below).

Should I certify CRISC?

How do I certify?

There are no end of companies on the internet advertising sample question banks for sale. There are also quite a few offering training. At the moment though, both are pretty much irrelevant - currently, the way in is through grandfathering - which requires 8 years experience. The application form doesn't take 8 minutes to complete, and is available here. At not far short of $500, paying for it will take most professionals a little longer than that, though. A tip: ask your employer to cough up the cash.

What do I do with it?

Put it on your business card, or on your CV. Use it to help argue for a pay rise or promotion. Or simply to help make sure you don't get downsized. Just don't forget to tell us what you think!

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